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Why Clean Your Makeup Brush?

It is no secret that women make full use of their makeup brushes every single day. Whether you are painting, contouring or flushing your face, these brushes play a crucial role in terms of making sure that you get that perfect glow, day in and day out.

This now begs the question: how often do you clean your brushes? Unsurprisingly, in this regard, it turns out that most people fail to meet the minimum requisite. This is because dermatologists and expert makeup artists recommend that you do it on a weekly basis, at least. Even things like branded essential oils from another make up application could build up giving your face an oily texture as you apply your make up.

It needs to be stated here that personal hygiene should play a major role in your beauty routine. Needless to say, this goes beyond daily baths and periodic facial washes. It also includes the periodic upkeep of your makeup kit – including, and especially, your makeup brushes.

Remember, these brushes are often used directly on the face. Like with anything else used on the human body, it can quickly accumulate oil and dirt, not to mention millions of bacteria. If left unchecked, unclean brushes can easily lead to breakouts.

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